What is The Narrative Leader?

The Narrative Leader is a powerful idea that was developed to strengthen leadership in all its forms and to give leaders increased capacity to navigate the challenges they face.

The Narrative Leader is a leader with strength, confidence, vision and charisma. A careful balance of creativity and pragmatism – characterized by the persistent desire to transcend one’s basic nature. The human is the only animal that lives its life as a series of stories. Our lives are shaped both by our awareness of these stories and our lack of awareness.

The Narrative Leader is you. (And me.)

Leader as Storyteller

At this moment in history most people would agree that we need stronger leadership in every realm of life – politics, business, even families. We want leaders who understand our experiences and our needs, leaders who can balance practical thinking with clear vision, leaders who can persuade in ways that inspire instead of divide.

The most skilled leaders have an intuitive understanding of storytelling. They know what kinds of stories will be most effective in working with their constituents, their colleagues, even their rivals. But the intuitions and skills of good storytellers can be learned and developed.

Story is the sword by which leaders rise and fall. When leaders fail it is because they have failed to understand and collaborate with the story that has grown around them. When leaders succeed it is usually because they see the story and find creative ways to use it.

Here is the good news: We can all learn the intuitions and skills of great storytellers. And that will make us better, stronger leaders.

(Oh, and also… it’s fun!)