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Is “House of Cards” Running a Morality Experiment?

Some classic thought experiments in morality, empathy and decision-making have been replicated in the Netflix hit series “House of Cards.” For those who watch the show it is a unique opportunity for reflection: How far is too far when it comes to immoral acts? And where is the line between discomfort and repugnance in our […]

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Defeating the Lone Wolf

One of the greatest maladies an emerging leader must overcome is something we jokingly call “Lone Wolf Syndrome.” You can see this in leaders who try to achieve their goals without assistance, who are overly protective of their work, who don’t share credit and who fail to delegate. This operating style has a high cost. […]

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Lying to Panasonic

This is a story about lying. It is also a story about the lengths people will go to when they can’t get the information they need. It was time for me to purchase a new set of cordless phones for my home office. My needs were simple: I needed a handset that had both a […]

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Where Am I?

The biggest problem with stories, especially the ones we tell and listen to every day, is that they are too often… well… boring. When someone begins sharing a story we begin listening with every intention of being a supportive friend, spouse, co-worker. And then, before long, we notice that we have tuned out. Our attention […]

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