Speaking & Training


Chuck speaks at conferences and special events around the world on the art and science of storytelling. His presentations focus on how leaders can increase their “Narrative Awareness” and more effectively shift organizational culture.

Chuck’s talks are committedly dynamic, using a combination of mixed media, interactive exercises, and true dialogue to create an edu-tainment experience for everyone present.

Sample Topics:

“This is Your Brain on Stories”
What cognitive science can tell us about the stories we tell – and the stories we don’t tell. How to use cutting edge research findings to better understand people’s point of view and to influence their thinking.

Myth and Archetype for Beginners
Thousands of years of storytelling compressed into a powerful set of ideas that is simple to grasp and easy to remember. (Hint: The “Hero’s Journey” is just the beginning) How to use the shorthand of archetype and metaphor to communicate more effectively and speak to people’s hearts – not just their minds.

A Person of Character
What does it mean to be a “person of character”? Leaders succeed or fail on the strength of their character. But few of them approach the idea of character with intention and true understanding. Changing how others see you is actually an inside job. We can use the principles of character development from literature and film to set a course for your own journey.


The Narrative Leader is not just a cool idea; it’s also a highly effective leadership skill set.

Professionals trained in The Narrative Leader possess

  • greater access to the competencies of Emotional Intelligence (“EQ”)
  • stronger listening skills
  • better, faster intuition
  • a clearer vision, and the ability to inspire others with that vision
  • more effective strategies for navigating conflict

All of our trainings are

  • shockingly interactive
  • fun and entertaining
  • based on the most current scientific research

Training formats and timeframes can be customized to suit your organization’s needs. And our training can be augmented with coaching for teams or individuals.